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        #2-I Saw You On The Road Today
        #4-Perpetual Emotion
        #6-Second Chance
        #7-Epoch Epitaph
        #10-Twas A Day Afore Xmas
        #11-Chambermaid's Lament
        #12-Red, White, Black and Blue.

Winged alabaster stallion


A fantasy dream for us to share
Enchanted passion, tender and rare.
Nocturnal moon so wisely hovers
Keeping quiet guard over lovers.

Elegant equine in the twilight
Convey us away this special night.
Opaline sculpture, blood and sinew
Valiant crystal image, fast, kind and true.

With nostrils flaring, scenting the air
There is no challenge he would not dare.
Your strong arms hold gentle, wrap tight.
Riding along in the pale moonlight.

Snuggled together, sitting as one
Let the wild alabaster horse run.
Swathed in a mist of silvery mane
Ghostly white stallion obeys the rein.

Cross streams, fields and woods, galloping out
Of where we’re going we have no doubt.
Rhythm of love guides our noble mount’s feet
Heart song keeping time with the hoof beat.

Through forest arches of leafy trees
Gliding along as one with the breeze
In a midnight meadow, green and cool
We idle beside a mirrored pool.

Alighting from our ivory steed
Bestowing liberty that he may feed.
There in the soft darkness gently lie
Stars above diamonds in a velvet sky.

Relaxing beneath milky moonlight
Gently holding each other tight.
Two people, friends, lovers are we
Sharing this night under a tree.

On a midnight sea of gentle grasses
Warmly together the night passes.
We spend the mystic magic hours
Exploring loves wondrous powers.

There under our silver canopy
Gazing aloft at the stars roaming free.
From loving caress to passions peak
With touch of hand, tender kiss, hearts speak.

The night so sweetly slips away
While we have still so much to say.
Our silver canopy of the night
Becomes a tree in dawns hazy light.

The hours it turned out were much too few
In parting remember, I love you.

seeing stars seeing stars

I Saw You On The Road Today

What did you teach your child today,
what by example did you say?

So did you show them how to speed,
or to pick up a book and read?

Road rage with vile threats shouted,
or sound moral values touted?

To toss litter upon the scene,
or help at home to keep it clean?

Ignore traffic and run the light,
or urge them to know wrong from right?

They watch you closely every day,
make what you do match what you say!

heart of gold...


Cherish the legacy evident around you
Linger gently upon the view

Treasure the reminders of a dear one, a friend
A new beginning not an end

Smile, ____ is there in spirit to take your hand
Move bravely on and understand

There is peacefulness in the eternal keep
We must not lament those who sleep

Rather reflect instead on your memories fond
____ is not lost but just beyond

blue flower vine blue flower vine

Perpetual Emotion

There is something here… visible everywhere... unseen.
A gentle nudge of the senses… subtly warm...shocking.
Coloring all things… permanent, enduring... intangible.

There is something here… taken hold... set free.
A raucous joyous explosion… melodious passion... serenity.
Cascades overflowing… endless, bountiful... rare.

There is something here… recognized, desired... anonymous.
An alluring essence… enticed, seduced... abandoned.
Continuity of spirit… eternal, immortal... new.

There is something here… ordinary, trivial.. vital.
An answer sought… required, necessary... evaded.
Cherished freedom… vibrant unity... love.

flute music


    Sweet silver supreme’s
        Cadenced complexities
              Of precious precision

    From intricate indigo
        Rising eloquent emerald
              On whispered wings

    Quivering query
        A blushing butterfly
              Floating on tranquil tones

    Flowing gently golden
        A moving mellow mist
              An orange oration

    Swirling lustrous lyric
        A delicate dissuader
              Growing glowing

    Meandering melody moves
        Through royal rose
              A sunrise summation

    Engraving ebony emptiness
        With silken silhouettes
              And rainbows

gold flower vine gold flower vine

Second Chance

    Love is a many splendored thing,
      herald in word and song.
        But its gone so hard, been so bad,
          With everything so wrong.

    I never thought love would come again,
      I didn’t think I could.
        But when nestled in your sure arms,
          It feels so safe and good.

    Think of the canvasses painted,
      Poems written, lyrics heard.
        And it has been told a picture,
          Is worth a thousand words.

    Not picture nor a million words,
      Could ever begin to show.
        The very special caring man,
          That I have come to know.

    Your tender, sweet, romantic ways,
      Have swept me off my feet.
        Your warm patient understanding,
          Has made my life complete.

    I think of you both day and night,
      Long for your gentle touch.
        To have you near, to know you care,
          It means so very much.

    You are so very dear to me,
      That I just have to say;
        You fill my heart and dreams with love,
          That grows each passing day.

    Your crooked smile and twinkling eyes,
      That say your love is true;
        And by now you surly must know,
          How much I do love you.

open sesame

Epoch Epitaph

Do you not wonder what must lie
Waiting hidden there just beyond the eye

Lost eons past that grace every fold
Now at eye level if we could behold

The secrets those strata would unlock
If only we somehow could gaze through rock

And if we wish hard enough to see
Might it work when we say
Open Sesame

gold flower vine gold flower vine


Goodbye my darling, for it cannot be;
There is no way for us to be free.

To share the warm love, that each of us hold;
But to cherish love’s memories as gold.

Always remember, from this moment on;
I love you even though I am gone.

It could not work out, at this time or place;
But allow me, when I see your face.

To know that before me is a dear friend;
And that someday our problems will mend.

So that you and I, our true love can share;
Till then my darling, know that I care.



“Vacation on a real cattle ranch. Live, work, and play alongside genuine cowboys.”

Read the ad. It sounded great!
Packed my bags, what fun, I couldn’t wait…

From the dawning, till days end;
we have worked, together my friend.

Morn remuda… roun and roun;
Finally caught, saddled, bucked me down.

Round em up, and head em out;
Cutting in, rope, brand and turn em out.

Move em here and hold em there;
Angry cow, bawling calf, burning hair.

Rain soaked hat, thorny shirt;
I’d sure like to tell ya where I hurt.

Midday heat, or evening chill;
Raining mud, dust, wind, we’ve had our fill.

We’re done at last, work is through;
Hard to believe, these blue jeans was new.

Thousand head, or hundred more;
This is the glory? That made cowboy lore?

Hole in boot, stepped in shit;
Me? I love it, and I’ll never quit.

(Where do I sign up for next year?)

poinsettas poinsettas

Twas A Day afore Xmas

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the store;
The people were shopping for bargains galore.

The decorations were hung from wall to wall,
Raggedly, for they’d been there since fall.

The children were running from here and to there,
Trying to be sure they got their fair share.

And Mama was trying to decide what to buy,
What would be just right, so many things she could try.

When from around the corner there arose such a clatter,
She raced to the sound to see what was the matter.

Away into hiding, kids flew like a flash,
The remains of glassware explained the load crash.

Later that night, while Mama tried to wrap,
The children made a plan, how Santa they’d trap.

When what to their delighted eyes should appear,
But a loaded sleigh and nine lively reindeer.

With presents piled high it glided by so quick,
They set into motin their trap for St Nick.

To capture Santa would win them such fame,
They listen as they worked, heard him call deer by name.

Now Smasher, now Crasher, now Lancer and Dixon;
On Vomet, on Stupid, on Ponder and Shitzen.

To the leader he called, ‘get the lead out Rudy’,
And lets away before someone should see.

With careful preperation, the trap was all set,
When Mama stumbled in, ‘aren’t you in bed yet?’

Snap, the capture complete, but Mama the prize,
When she got loose she gave their bottoms a rise.

And then midst the sniffling, she heard on the roof,
The slipping and sliding of each little hoof.

And then sort of a scraping, a strange sliding sound,
Down the chimney the fat man came with a bound.

He burst from the fireplace and hopped on one foot,
He had landed in fire, and ashes and soot.

The bundle of toys he had flung to the floor
As he hopped and he hollered, then sped out the door.

He was back in a moment; dripping, soaking wet.
And began to give out what each child would get.

His task completd he gathered his sack,
And giving a loud grunt, swung it up on his back.

He moved to the chimney, saw the fire roar,
Turned on his heel and was quickly gone out the door.

The kids from their hiding, snuck away back to bed;
Eager for morning, had he brought what they’d said?

That was Papa for sure, a right clumsy old elf,
And Mama laughed as he left, in spite of herself.

He slipped in the backdoor, hoping nothing was said,
Then shed the Santa suit and headed for bed.

Mama finished the gifting, then went on along,
I told you coming down the chimney would go wrong.

Then laying together, when they heard a noise,
Its those children already into the toys.

Merry Christmas dear she whispered
You too, love, Good-night.

to the tune of 12 days of Christmas...

Chambermaids Lament

On the first day of summer the office gave to me,
The worst mess I ever did see.

On the second day of summer the office gave to me,
Two cheep checkouts,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the third day of summer the office gave to me,
Three bathtub rings,
Two plugged toilets,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the fort day of summer the office gave to me,
Four powdered floors,
Three scurvy sinks,
Two brown somethings,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the fifth day of summer the office gave to me,
Five lousy stiffs,
Four broken beds,
Three twisted lamps,
Two yellowed floors,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the sixth day of summer the office gave to me,
Six snacks a spilling,
Five lousy stiffs,
Four sprayed sodas,
Three ‘outs’ missing,
Two ruined rugs,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the seventh day of summer the office gave to me,
seven fingered windows,
Six cigarette burns,
Five lousy stiffs,
Four late sleepers,
Three extra towels
Two stingy guests,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the eighth day of summer the office gave to me,
Eight putrid pukers
Seven checkouts swimming,
Six come back laters
Five lousy stiffs,
Four foul waste cans
Three ‘TP’ thieves,
Two dirty dogs,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the ninth day of summer the office gave to me,
Nine maidens marking,
Eight ‘do not disturb’,
Seven too full trashcans,
Six toxic drunkards
Five lousy stiffs,
Four broken chairs
Three soggy beds
Two cheap couples
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the tenth day of summer the office gave to me,
Ten diapers dumping,
Nine cranky old crones,
Eight murky mirrors,
Seven kids food fighting,
Six guests in early,
Five lousy stiffs,
four spoiled sheets,
three filthy floors,
two rooms smell vile,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the eleventh day of summer the office gave to me,
Eleven ‘out needed’ cots,
Ten loose change tippers,
Nine over-nighters,
Eight more stolen tips,
Seven ‘babies sleeping’,
Six ‘no key’ stayers,
Five lousy stiffs,
Four buried beds,
Three lewd old goats,
Two rooms of teens,
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

On the twelfth day of summer the office gave to me,
Twelve damn bed-wetters,
Eleven more turnovers,
Ten men with bad aim,
Nine ‘leave after lunch’,
Eight demanding guests,
Seven slimy bathrooms,
Six kids bed bouncing,
Five lousy stiffs,
Four torn up beds,
Three back again,
Two ‘not packing’
And the worst mess I er’ did see.

flag flag

Red, White, Black and Blue

Flag, flag on your pole of fate,
Tell us is it too late?
Yesterday they went to die,
Even thought they knew not why.

In the hands of the president,
Into war they were sent.
Men into soldiers are cast
Does anyone care how long they last?

Flag, flag floating on high,
You for which they did die.
To try to keep you high,
Its another flag under which they lie.

What is there to hide from their eyes…
Flag are there some horrible lies?
What difference does a name make,
When still lives the conflict takes.

Flag, flag your people cry,
They wish you would try…
Gone are we, replaced by ‘I’
Oh flag can you explain why?

color swirl color swirl


The rain has stopped, the clouds have passed;
Long dark shadows, the sun has cast.

Marching on into the sunset;
Receding figures of the past.

Must new ones take their place;
Until the ultimate blast?